Free Printable Butterfly Coloring Pages

Our butterfly coloring pages and coloring book recommendations are sure to provide lots of colorful entertainment for kids of all ages.We had these created specifically four our site visitors to say thanks for coming (and hopefully contributing pictures or gardening advice) to our site.

We have included both simple and more complex butterfly designs so that there is something for all levels of colorers.

Click on any of the links below their image to download that specific picture. The second link leads to a picture showing the butterfly in full color for those who want a little coloring guidance.

Note: These printable coloring pages are offered as a courtesy to you for personal use only. These pages may not be redistributed or included in other collections without our explicit consent.

Monarch Butterfly Drawings

Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis- Color in the monarch in each of its butterfly stages from egg, to caterpillar, to chrysalis, to vibrant adult.

Monarch Butterfly Male- Notice the spot on each hind wing. This black spot is only present on males. On smaller males, it can be difficult to see.

Monarch Butterfly Female- They have thicker wing veins which makes them a little "showier" than the males. They also appear a little darker, but that may be an optical illusion from the veins.

To get some ideas on how to color in the monarchs above, check out our page about butterfly wings.

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Drawings

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly- this butterfly is mainly yellow and black with a few red and blue markings at the bottom of both hind wings.

Click here for inspiration and before you start on the coloring page.

Coloring Books

For those of you who prefer old school coloring books we have found some beautiful and affordable options for you. These would make a great gift to the aspiring little artist in your life:

This book has bold and simple lines, but it is also detailed enough for those who want the challenge of more complex coloring. We recommend this for children ages 5 and up and even adults have reported enjoying this coloring book.

Here's the coloring book that follows our site theme to a tee! Each page has a caption identifying both flower and butterfly. There are 16 classic combinations to color. Some combos include the Rudy Daggerwing on the Crown Imperial and the Swordtail Swallow with Zinnias. Recommended again for ages 5 and up.

Another high quality coloring book for both children and adults. The grown-ups may prefer using colored or pastel pencils as a higher quality alternative to crayons. This is also a great book to help children learn the ABC's. There is one butterfly for each letter of the alphabet.

Creepy Crawly Crazy Colored Caterpillars

Would you believe that some caterpillars are just as colorful as their adult counterparts? Please check out our caterpillar coloring page for more free printable butterfly coloring pages and caterpillar information.

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