Monarch Butterfly Pictures Fresh from the Flower Garden

You may have noticed that it's not so easy taking Monarch Butterfly Pictures.

It's difficult to get close enough for that perfect shot...and getting the butterflies to pose with their wings open is about as easy as getting your kids to "sit still and smile for the nice man" at a photo studio!

The collection of photos below was taken mostly in the summer of 2009 with a few spread out between 2006-2008, taken with my old digital camera.

Let me quickly share, for every photo you see that you really like there were probably about 100 that I had to delete. These butterfly pictures are proof that sometimes persistence really can pay off!

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Click on any of the thumbnails below to see an enlargement of that photo:

Monarch Butterfly on Obedient Plant Showing One Wing     Male Monarch Butterfly on Yellow Yarrow     Two Monarch Butterflies on same side of Dense Blazing Star    small Male Monarch Butterfly on Garden Phlox   

small Male Monarch Butterfly on Garden Phlox    Monarch Butterfly in motion on white flowers    Male Monarch Butterfly on Dense Blazingstar (Liatris spicata)    Monarch Butterfly Close-winged on Bright White Flowers   

Monarch Butterflies and Bumble Bee on Liatris    2 Monarch Butterflies on the Kitchen Ceiling     Monarch Butterfly in motion on white flowers    Monarch Butterfly close-up head shot on Liatris spicata   

 Female Monarch Butterfly with wings spread on Pink Geranium by White Dog     Monarch butterflies flock to butterfly magnet Liatris ligulistylis     A female monarch butterfly shows off her gorgeous wings on Liatris spicata     A monarch butterfly flutters across the butterfly garden creating the look of an abstract painting.     

Camera Info:

Most of these photos are taken with my new Nikon Digital SLR camera. I have just purchased a new 70-300mm zoom lens and will start shooting with that in the spring and summer of 2010 so I can capture these beauties from a distance that won't scare them off.

Use of Gallery Photos:

The pictures are posted here for your enjoyment. They may be downloaded for your personal use, and non-commercial educational or conservation purposes only. Please see our Terms of Use if you have any questions.

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