Caterpillar Photos of Monarch Caterpillars

Before you can enjoy them as butterflies on flowers, you'll have to make due taking caterpillar photos featuring caterpillars on milkweed....but that's not necessarily a bad thing! The monarch caterpillar's vivid black, white, and yellow color scheme makes it far from an ugly duckling or boring subject.

For those of you who lack patience in your photographic endeavors, these clown-colored larva make the goal of getting a decent picture waaaaayyyyy easier than their butterfly counterparts since they don't have flapping wings to ruin the kodak moment.

This collection of caterpillar pictures was mostly taken in the summer of 2009, with a few taken in previous summers with the old digital camera. I included those, not because they were great quality, but because they show the monarch caterpillars interacting...which is strange for these unsocial butterflies.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to see an enlargement of that photo:

Monarch Caterpillar wrapped around Common Milkweed flower buds   A Monarch Caterpillar hangs upside down ready for Chrysalis Transformation   Two monarch caterpillars escape predators and cold weather tucked away in common milkweed buds.   Two monarch caterpillars joyride across a dinner plate.   

Hungry monarch caterpillars search a common milkweed leaf for the perfect spot to dig in.   A monarch caterpillar rejects a juicy piece of watermelon in search of his favorite weed.   monarch caterpillar or two-headed monster? You decide...   A monarch caterpillar hangs down the tip of a droopy milkweed leaf.   

A Monarch Caterpillar curls up without a good book.   A Monarch Caterpillar looks sad, but is he really?    

Camera Info:

Most of these photos were taken with my new Nikon Digital SLR camera.

Use of Gallery Photos:

The pictures posted here are for your enjoyment. They may be downloaded for your personal use, and non-commercial educational or conversation purposes only. Please see our Terms of Use if you have any questions.

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