A Butterfly Video is Worth
a Thousand Pictures

This is a page for butterfly video and videos showing butterfly gardening techniques and results. There will also be videos illustrating how to raise butterflies. 2010 will be my first season as a videographer so bear with me as I develop my sense of style and technique.

I got a flip video recorder two years ago and really appreciated how easy it was to use. Recently, I upgraded it after scouring the internet for camcorder reviews.

I am confident I got a camcorder that will help me
create high quality videos, but you'll have plenty of time to be the
Judge Judy of that as more videos emerge in the coming months.

If you have any ideas for new butterfly gardening or raising videos
I would love to hear them and also be happy to create your video visions if at all possible!

I like to refer to these as "starter" videos since I didn't realize I had video editing software on my MAC when I posted them. From now on, I will be using my lucky find to put together better quality films.

Gardening Inside

Starting Seeds Indoors Pt 1

Starting Seeds Indoors Pt 2

Keep coming back as we plan to add a lot of videos over the summer.

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