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swallowtail on orange flower

For many of us that enjoy flowers and butterflies, flowers that attract butterflies are the only kind we want taking up our valuable garden space.

Over the past couple years, we have started adding more butterfly-friendly flowers to our garden. However, that hardly qualifies me as an expert on this topic so I wanted to get/share valuable insight from those who know best...the gardeners!

I will be posting about some flowers myself, but only the ones that I have had personal experience with. There are two butterfly magnets in our back yard that really excite these fabulous winged creatures. However, both plants attract different species!

Butterfly Magnets is a phrase I've often heard thrown around in general terms. From what I've seen, different flowers appeal to different butterflies, so we'll use this page to uncover those specific preferences so you can learn how to attract butterflies that excite you most.

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